Lover's Key, Florida

Lover's Key, Florida

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Monday, June 4, 2012


Feeling once again
 like the unsure boy of his youth
he knew so well
he struggles to be
the suave, sophisticated
man for the ages
others tell him he is
as he wanders about
in a world he left
long ago, never thinking
he would return to that place
of fierce, sudden passion
unexpected, unrelenting heartache.

The love of his life
the one he misses always
said the words
that took him from  all that
it mattered not
in her way of being
that she couldn’t explain what she felt
only knew it was real and lasting
and they rode off together—
why didn’t he ever buy her that horse?—
into the sunsets of endless days.

As she hoped it might be.

The sun has set
a new day arises
he once again fumbles for words
is intrigued by the smell of perfume
strains to hear a voice
that makes his heart sing
longs to touch and be touched
feels stirrings anew in his heart
sees new possibilities.

      Now the beginning.

The ending
the past
is still present
will always be                                                     
the present stays
shrouded in mystery
the future pulls at him
inviting him onward
he knows she is there
arms open wide
cheering him on.

John A. Bayerl, June 3, 2012

To tell the truth, I have no idea whether this poem is ready to be just felt like the right thing to do. Friday is Gwen's and my 49th wedding anniversary, I'm sure that has  a lot to do with the more than normal reflective mood I've been in lately.  

This may be my last posting for a few days.  Today I received news that my best buddy in high school--in today's parlance  we would have been my BFF--died of cancer.  When I was in Menominee in January for my cousin Ray's funeral, the priest who married Gwen and me, I had the chance visit with Rick and his wife at their home.  Also, about six weeks ago, when he was first diagnosed, I was able to have a long phone conversation with him.  

Dear, we always enjoyed our visits with Rick and Carol when we were in Menominee.  Wonder what you and he are saying about me?  's all good.

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