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Lover's Key, Florida

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


This tiredness
that at times overcomes me
is a mood, a feeling
an awareness
of a lack of adequacy
it isn’t a healthy tired
after a job well done
this is bone-weary tired
that even a long night’s sleep
can’t ease
a longing for just one
of those nights
when true peace and serenity
were there for the asking
or the doing
that love makes possible--
and I tell myself
you’re doing what you said you would
and the question remains
deep in my heart
is anyone better for it
am I?

She reminds me:
I will love you always.

My soul
no longer tired.

John A. Bayerl, May 31, 2012

One of my many friends named Mary; the one who lives near Toronto, reminded me of the importance of writing something each day.  The way to write is to write.  

Tonight I was invited to a reception at the Cancer Support Community where Gwen and I attended support group meetings from when she was first diagnosed.  One of the people there is a social worker who conducted the survivor group that Gwen participated in; she did one of those things that are so important to those of us who never forget the love of our life but fear that others may-she reminded me that it was Gwen who always kept things moving, never giving in to despair, always hopeful, stubbornly making every moment of life count.  I too cherish those memories of Gwen as one who just kept going; she breathed life into every day, even on the day she took her last breath.  

Tonight I also met Dave and Mary who were in the lung cancer support group at UM Comprehensive Cancer Center.  There's always that twinge of resentment that they are still enjoying  time together on this earth.  Then I remember, as the poem says, Dear, that the gift of love we shared didn't die with you; it goes on forever.  You signed your letters that way: Yours, forever.

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